Gov. Burgum included school choice in his top priorities, encourage him to follow through

North Dakota Gov. Doug Burgum has before him legislation that would finally provide additional educational opportunities to children in the state. Based on his State of the State address in January, the governor should follow through with his support of school choice and sign HB 1532 into law.

“While flexibilities exist for public schools to approach school differently, students and parents may not have some of the choices they want or need to match the best learning environment to the individual needs of the learner,” Burgum stated. “We intend to partner with interested legislators including Representative Michelle Strinden to explore opportunities to expand parent options.”

HB 1532 is a first step toward expanding parent options and helping families access the learning environment that fits their children best. And Rep. Strinden is a bill sponsor.

Please consider reaching out to Gov. Burgum’s office and encouraging him to put North Dakota students first and sign HB 1532 into law.