The true nature of our law enforcement officers

Sometimes an impactful story just doesn’t need to be long. This is one of those times.

As reported by the Dakota County Sheriff on its official Facebook page:

The actions of Detective Ryan Olson typify the true nature of our law enforcement officers. 

Officers stand up for those being taken advantage of, abused, harassed, or assaulted. They put their careers, their personal safety, and their livelihoods on the line for us each and every day — whether on duty or not. And they do all of this at a time in history when far too many people find it easier or safer to turn away and say, “not my problem.” 

Yet, some people are on a mission to demonize law enforcement at every step. They suggest against all evidence that police are evil, racist, thugs bent on abusing their authority and indiscriminately harassing citizens. Decent people know this to be pure activist drivel.

Unfortunately, this drivel serves to dehumanize our law enforcement officers in the eyes of those who would do them harm. It’s no surprise that assaults and murders of our officers are becoming far too common.

It is up to all of us to push back against the dangerous and self-destructive narratives that undermine our law enforcement and put them at risk. Do it every time you encounter the narrative — it matters.

It’s also up to us to let our officers know that we support them and appreciate them. Don’t let an opportunity pass to thank an officer and tell them you support them. It’s a simple gesture — and it matters too.