Survey says: Voters want balance in K-12 education

A national poll of over 2,000 likely voters found that 85 percent of respondents want teachers to make sure both sides of controversial topics are represented equally when they come up in class.

The Voters’ Voice Poll conducted by Noble Predictive Insights in March also found a large proportion of respondents (87 percent) believe that schools should focus on math, reading, and science.

A majority (56 percent) agree that “teachers and administrators too often push a liberal agenda in the classroom” compared to 37 percent who agree that “teachers and administrators too often push a conservative agenda in the classroom.”

Dissatisfaction with public schools in the country came in at 54 percent, including 62 percent of true independents (independents who, according to the pollster, when asked if they leaned toward one of the major parties chose neither) and 64 percent of Republicans. Democrat dissatisfaction came in at 44 percent, with 45 percent voicing satisfaction.

Opinion on Political Agendas in K-12 Education