Our Top 3 Posts of 2023

As we draw ever closer to 2024 (gasp!), here’s a look back at our three biggest news posts from the past year. How many do you remember?

#3: “Last man standing” (July 20, 2023)

Just days after three Fargo police officers were ambushed and shot, one fatally, by North Dakota man Mohamad Barakat, it was revealed that a fourth police officer, Zach Robinson, was still on scene and was separated from the other officers when Barakat opened fire. Officer Robinson’s actions were, by all accounts, nothing short of heroic. 

#2: Fargo mourns after ambush shooting of 3 police officers (July 17, 2023)

On Friday afternoon, July 14, 2023, Fargo police were dispatched to a traffic accident at 25th St. and Ninth Ave South. Officer Jake Wallin, 23, just three months into his police career, and his field training officer (FTO) Zack Robinson, arrived and began processing the accident. Fellow rookie officer Tyler Hawes and his FTO Andrew Dotas also responded to assist. There was no indication or forewarning that this routine call would turn violent.

#1: Most ND House Republicans vote with the other side (June 16, 2023)

Anyone following North Dakota state politics lately knows there is a divide in the Republican Party of North Dakota between conservatives and moderates. Two Minot Republicans used a computer algorithm to analyze the votes of every North Dakota legislator to determine how they voted or, more accurately, who they voted with. The results in the North Dakota House are stunning — 45 of the 84 members who caucus Republican vote more with the liberal members of the House than with the conservatives.

Thanks for being a reader. See you in 2024!