New report: North Dakota worst state for educational freedom

North Dakota is dead last for educational freedom, according to the latest annual “Freedom in the 50 States” index by Cato Institute.

As many states continue to expand educational opportunities for parents and students and their accessibility, North Dakota has not enacted policy changes to make this a reality for its families. In fact, according to the Cato Institute, North Dakota has ranked #50 in educational freedom since 2016, and for the past 20 years has consistently ranked in the bottom four worst states for educational freedom.

With no charter schools, no magnet schools, no private school choice, and open enrollment laws that miss the mark, North Dakota offers its families virtually no school choice.

“North Dakota remains the very worst state in the country for educational freedom,” writes Cato. “Private schools and homeschools are both more harshly regulated than anywhere else….”

A small school choice bill was vetoed by Gov. Doug Burgum during this past legislative session, but he did note the need for school choice in North Dakota and called for a more “comprehensive solution” than what was introduced.

American Experiment North Dakota will continue encouraging legislators and state leaders to prioritize education reform policies that help students currently limited to a top-down system access the learning environment that best sets them up for future success.