Nearly half of teachers believe their school is political

Nearly half of teachers feel their school is political, according to a recent EdChoice national poll collected by Morning Consult, “which is significantly greater than the one-third of school parents who say the same about their children’s schools.”

The poll surveyed 1,000 K-12 public and private teachers in October on their views on K-12 education, asking about the teaching profession and experiences, teaching opportunities and schooling, and school choice policies.

Respondents were asked, “To what extent do you feel your school shares your political views?” Forty-six percent of teachers believe their school is political, with 22 percent stating their school shares their political views, 14 percent stating their school is too liberal, and 10 percent stating their school is too conservative. Thirty-six percent stated they don’t feel their school is political, and 18 percent didn’t know/had no opinion.

This is in contrast to the 54 percent of school parents who believe their children’s schools aren’t political/don’t have a political viewpoint. (EdChoice reported that the parent data is from an October 2022 Gen Pop Report.)

A summer 2022 report discovered 615 K-12 Midwest teachers were primarily leaving the classroom over student behavior and progressive political activity.

Source: EdChoice, Morning Consult