Hey parents: Fargo Superintendent knows best when it comes to your kid

Fargo Superintendent of Schools Rupak Gandhi announced to the school board at their May 9, 2023 meeting that the district won’t be following a new transgender law passed by the North Dakota legislature this year. Holding back tears, Superintendent Gandhi cited suicide statistics about LGBTQ+ kids and insisted his refusal to follow state law is “not against parents, it’s for kids.”

How arrogant.

Gandhi believes he is the arbiter of what is good for kids, not their parents. Over and over in his message he used the phrase “protect kids.” He said they need “to do the right thing for kids” and “double down to advocate for our youth.”

The North Dakota legislature and Gov. Doug Burgum also believe in doing the right thing for kids, so they passed this law. Lawmakers understand and respect the role of parents in making those decisions.

The law prohibits school boards from creating policies that require (or prohibit) the use of preferred pronouns in work-related communications. The law also bans students from using a restroom that does not coincide with the student’s biological sex. Lastly, the law prohibits teachers from withholding or concealing information about a student’s transgender status from the student’s parent or legal guardian. Gandhi also said several times that the new North Dakota law conflicts with federal law, but failed to explain to board members which federal law he was talking about.

Gandhi based his entire argument on the tired (and unproven) argument that kids will commit suicide if we don’t listen to them and affirm whatever thoughts they’re having about gender. This same fear of suicide is what causes parents to allow their children to use puberty blockers and surgically alter their bodies, causing permanent damage.

Protecting our kids means showing them the truth, not affirming life-altering decisions under the threat of possible suicide.

The North Dakota legislature, Gov. Burgum and State Superintendent of Schools Kirsten Baesler should come down hard on Fargo Schools for ignoring state law and usurping the role of parents in their children’s education and life.