Fargo: Prioritize Academic Achievement

Question: Why are Fargo test scores going down when spending is going up? 

A) Because academic achievement is not correlated with spending

B) Because Fargo Schools spend money on useless administrators like equity and diversity coordinators

C) Because parents are not welcomed into the schools as full partners in their children’s education

D) All of the above

The answer is ALL OF THE ABOVE! 

Tell the Fargo School Board to prioritize academic achievement and invite parents to the table.

Let your voice be heard in person:

The Fargo School Board meets on the second and fourth Tuesday of every month at the FPS District Office, 700 7th Street South in Fargo. Public access to the building is through the main entrance of the building on the north side of the building (facing Island Park). The Board Room and PD Room are in the lower level, which can be accessed via the stairway or elevator.

Send the Fargo School Board members an email: 

The 2024 budget for Fargo Schools will include over $12 million in new revenue — $6 million from increased local property values and $6 million from the state.  

At the same time, test scores for reading, math and science are plummeting from 2019 levels: 

  • English-Language Arts fell from 52% proficient to 45% 
  • Math fell from 50% proficient to 40% 
  • Science fell from 63% proficient to 49% 

The achievement levels are even worse for subgroups such as Black students, who have fallen to 16% proficient in math and 24% proficient in reading.  

And the graduation rate for Fargo students has dropped to 81%! 

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